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24 May 2021

OmniTestingConf 2021

OmniTestingConf is a free online event, where testers, developers, and everyone on the software development lifecycle can come together to share new ideas and different perspectives on software testing.

QA in London

11 March 2021

Shifting Accessibility Testing To The Left

For most companies, accessibility testing is still seen as an afterthought and there is often a misconception that testing for accessibility is difficult and time-consuming. We know that there's a lot of benefits in making your website or application accessible, especially in the Digital Era, but why do we still have a lot of inaccessible websites? In this talk, Marie Drake will discuss some of the myths around accessibility testing, how you can shift accessibility testing to the left and how you can easily integrate it into your development and testing workflows

Ministry of Testing

9 February 2021

Panel Discussion: Automating UIs

In this first panel discussion from Ministry of Testing, where I will join Angie Jones, Julia Pottinger and Vernon Richards as our moderator, we will share our thoughts and answer any questions you might have about UI automation.


18 November 2020

The Future of Testing Winter 2020

Dedicated to excellence in software quality, Applitools has been organizing virtual events, which focus on testing as a way to achieve competitive advantage and improve ROI.

For our upcoming Future of Testing - Winter 2020 event, taking place Nov. 18, we gathered leading quality engineers from top brands, who will give captivating talks, and take part in the live discussion and Q&A in a virtual environment.


22 April 2021

Women in QA: Celebrating International Girl’s in ICT Day

Are you considering a move into QA but don’t know where to begin? Have you decided you want to move into testing from another industry?

In celebration of International Girl’s in ICT Day, join BCS SIGiST for a joint event with BCSWomen on Friday 23rd April @ 5 PM as we hear from tech professionals sharing their own career stories and giving advice on how you can successfully navigate your own journey.


5 March 2021

k6 Office Hours with Marie Drake

In this office hours, I joined Nicole van der Hoeven and Simme Aronsson to talk about front-end performance testing, automation testing, and accessibility testing-- all things that compliment load testing and enhance software quality.

Quality Advocates

4 February 2021

Testing Times, Testing Topics: Flipping the script on manual testing...

The testing community is up in arms about "manual" testing; “What is it? Why do we use the term? Does the term do justice to the practice? Why don’t we automate everything? Why don’t we say manual cooking?!?”

Is the misunderstanding of the practice all that bad? Is it a dying art that needs to be replaced by automation? Or is it just one of the many different test techniques and tools that make up a testers armoury?

In the first of the "Testing Times, Testing Topics" interactive roundtable series, our crack squad of testing experts will discuss this tricky topic and put forward their ideas.


18 November 2020

Modern Web Testing with Cypress

The web has evolved. Finally, testing has too. This is what you see when you visit Cypress' landing page. In this talk, I would like to share what Cypress is, what its different features are and how it's bridging the gap between developers and testers.

Ministry of Testing

23 March 2021

Performance Testing with Cypress, Lighthouse and k6

I'm teaming up with Nicole van der Hoeven to talk all things about Performance Testing! I'll be specifically talking about front end performance testing while Nicole will talk about back end performance testing.

Automation Guild

12 February 2021

Performance Testing using

In the 5th annual Automation Guild event hosted by Joe Colantonio, I will be doing a session on how you test for web performance using Cypress and Google Lighthouse.

Burns Sheehan

20 January 2021

Influencing Quality & tackling the problems that come with it

Quality is a crucial pillar of the engineering process & today's businesses are increasingly adopting a quality minded approach. But what challenges can you expect on the journey to quality and what solutions can you explore to help you move towards this goal?

Join us for an interactive discussion with our expert panel of speakers from a wide range of disciplines, as we explore shared experiences, common challenges & learn how other teams are approaching the journey to quality.

Ministry of Testing

29 October 2020

Test.bash('Online') Ask Me Anything

Ministry of Testing is hosting their first ever Test.bash() online! Test.bash() is an event dedicated to automation where members of the community will share their experience reports from doing automation challenges. I will also be part of an Ask Me Anything session hosted by BossBoss Richard Bradshaw!