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Applitools Future of Testing 2020

More Speed, More Coverage, More Quality: How Modern Cross Browser Testing Gives You More of Everything You Need.

Guest speaker together with James Lamberti, CMO of Applitools

Best of Breed: Successful Test Automation Practices from Innovative Brands

In this special 90-minute live session, industry thought-leader Angie Jones will share the research on how top brands & global companies are approaching test automation, how they are successfully implementing it, and what are their building blocks for their top-notch quality teams.

Roadmap to Testing a Design System

Design systems are one of the most popular new ways to create and document the UI building blocks that make up a product.

When it comes to a design system, your components will be used by multiple teams on different platforms.

So how do you ensure that you help deliver a high-quality product?

In this talk, I shared our experiences at News UK, and how we came up with a testing strategy for our newest offering (NewsKit Design System).

TAQFull Lunch and Learn: Accessibility Testing with Cypress

A lunch and learn session on how to use Cypress for Accessibility Testing

QA Teams During & Post-Covid, A BCS / QA in London Event

QA Teams During & Post-Covid

As software testers, we have had to navigate through unprecedented times. Covid-19 has not only affected individuals and families, but has caused huge uncertainty within the economy.

Companies are now facing decisions on how projects goals can still be achieved. Maintaining and increasing quality is now front and centre. We are also in a unique time as people seize opportunities to change ways of working.

Join us for a BCS / QA in London event as we discuss what effect this has had for teams involved in software testing during lockdown and what it means for us and the market going forward.

TestGuild Podcast: Cypress and QA Strategy

In this podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, I talked about my reasons for selecting Cypress as one of our main testing tools as well as talking about our QA strategy for selecting and using tools for UI Automation, Visual Validation, Accessibility testing, and more.

Testing Paradise Podcast: Women in Tech

In this podcast, I spoke with Giridhar Rajkumar to share my personal journey in my testing career as well as sharing a few tips for women in tech to come out of their comfort zone and shine like stars.

Future of Testing 2020 EMEA

In this virtual conference, I was invited by Applitools to give a talk about testing a design system as well as participating on a panel discussion.

Talk: Roadmap to Testing a Design System

Expert Panel: The Future of DevOps and Quality in 2020 and Beyond

Testing Ask Me Anything: Automation

As we move towards DevOps ways of working, a key aspect to make it work is to have a solid test automation practice in place. There are so many models out there which can help us define what tests we need to automate on which level. However, if you are new to automation, you might get overwhelmed with the abundance of testing tools out there to choose from. In this session, I will share my experience with test automation and answer any burning questions you might have!

What is Quality and who cares about it?

A round table discussion to talk about what is Quality.

TAQFull Lunch and Learn: Integrate Cypress Tests into CI Pipeline

A lunch and learn session on how to integrate your Cypress Tests into a Continuous Integration Pipeline such as CircleCI.

TAQFull Lunch and Learn: Mocking XHR requests with Cypress

A lunch and learn session on how to use Cypress for mocking XHR requests.

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