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Open Quality Conference: Web Accessibility Workshop

Have you ever thought about how people with disabilities use the web? How about the website that you are testing? Are you testing for accessibility? As we are now in the digital era where lots of information can be accessed via the web, we need to make sure that the websites we use are inclusive especially for people with disabilities. In this workshop, we'll discuss what is accessibility and why do we need to test for accessibility. We'll also look at some of the accessibility testing types you can perform and also look at what testing tools are out there to support our testing. This workshop will be jam packed with activities that will help you get started with accessibility testing and will include some live coding too as we try to get hands on with using Cypress and Cypress-Axe to catch basic accessibility issues.

Open Quality Conference: Cypress

One of the trends that I've been seeing lately is the rise of developer friendly testing tools. Nowadays, as we move to a DevOps way of working, the roles between developers and testers are becoming blurry in some areas and testing tools such as Cypress helps teams in distributing the responsibility of who writes the automated tests. In this session, I'll talk about what Cypress can offer, the types of testing activities it can cover and how it's bridging the gap between developers and testers.

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