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The Test Tribe Community

22 October 2021

Contract Testing 101 (TestFlix 2021)

I'll be giving a quick overview as to what Contract Testing is, how Pact can help with consumer driven contract testing, how it's different from API integration tests or unit tests, what its benefits are, and scenarios where it might not be ideal to use.

Agile Testing Days

17 May 2022

Agile Testing Days Air

The AgileTD Open Air Festival is a 2-day open air conference with 2 talk tracks and 20 expert speakers.

Ministry of Testing

27 October 2021

Test.bash(); 2021

There is no direct answer as to what is the best testing tool out there. Context is always key and this applies to test tooling for automated testing as well. Your choice of tools will depend on a variety of factors and what you have used previously might not always work for new projects.

In this talk, I would like to share with everyone what our team's current automation stack is, how we are using modern testing tools and the reasoning behind it and a glimpse of what our future plans are for further improvement.

EuroSTAR Huddle

2 November 2021

Leveraging Cypress Beyond Functional Testing (Deep Dive Automation Week)

Cypress is currently one of the most popular test automation frameworks out there in the JavaScript community. With so many plugins that it can integrate to, we can actually leverage Cypress beyond just testing our application's functionality. In this talk, I would like to walk you through a few visual testing plugins that you can use with Cypress so you can also catch visual issues in your application.